Supervised Doctoral and Master's Theses

Supervised Doctoral Theses (Completed)

  1. Mehmet Kubilay Eker (2005), “Fuzzy Logic Control of Synchronous Generator Excitation Circuit”, Karadeniz Technical University
  2. Onur Özdal Mengi (2011), “A Smart Energy Management System for Sustainability in Renewable Energy Systems”, Karadeniz Technical University
  3. Emre Özkop (2012), “An Intelligent Controlled Novel Power Conditioning For Wave Energy Converter Systems”, Karadeniz Technical University
  4. Serhat Duman (2015), “Control and Optimization in Photovoltaic Solar Energy Systems Applications”, Kocaeli University, served as Second Supervisor.
  5. Mustafa Şinasi Ayas (2017), “Design of a Rehabilitation Robot with Parallel Mechanism and Human-Machine Interactive Control”, Karadeniz Technical University
  6. Erdinç Şahin (2017), “Resolving Irregular Wave Effects on Electric Power in Wave Energy Systems with Intelligent Compensation Methods”, Karadeniz Technical University
  7. Kenan Yanmaz (2018), “A New and Smart STATCOM Design and Application in Small Scale Wind Turbines”, Karadeniz Technical University
  8. Recep Çakmak (2018), “Intelligent demand management system for residences with photovoltaic power generation system in smart grids”, Karadeniz Technical University
  9. Yahya Danayyen (2021), “Model predictive control and smart decision maker applications in uninterruptible power supplies”, Karadeniz Technical University

Supervised Master's Theses (Completed)
  1. Erdal Kılıç, (1996), "Control of Synchronous Motor Power Factor with Fuzzy Logic", Karadeniz Technical University.
  2. Ersan Gülay, (1996), "Reactive Power from Fuzzy Logic Controlled Static Var Systems in Electric Power Systems", Karadeniz Technical University.
  3. Mehmet Kubilay Eker, (1997), "Fuzzy Logic Based Load Frequency Control in Electrical Power Systems and a Digital Distance Relay", Karadeniz Technical University.
  4. Bülent Uzun, (2001), "Fuzzy Logic Approach for Stability Problem in Power Systems", Karadeniz Technical University.
  5. Ergül Uçar, (2003), "Using Genetic Algorithms in the Optimization of Power Systems", Karadeniz Technical University.
  6. Murat Gürler, (2004), "RF Based Differential Protection for Power Distribution Lines", Karadeniz Technical University.
  7. Onur Özdal Mengi, (2004), "Moving Object Tracking and Position Control", Karadeniz Technical University.
  8. Aykut Fatih Güven, (2004), "Generation and control of PWM signals with computers", Karadeniz Technical University.
  9. Murat Esen, (2006), “Fuzzy Logic Aided Power Flow Analysis” Karadeniz Technical University.
  10. Kenan Yanmaz, (2011) “The Application of a Fuzzy Reasining Based Power Filter and Dynamic Voltage Regulator for Single Phase Micro Wind Power Generation Systems” Karadeniz Technical University.
  11. Mustafa Şinasi Ayas, (2012), “Interactive Virtual Laboratory for System Simulation and Control” Karadeniz Technical University.
  12. Recep Çakmak, (2012), “Fuzzy Logic Based Maximum Power Point Tracking System for Photovoltaic Power Generation Systems”, Karadeniz Technical University.
  13. Göksu Görel, (2013), “A Switched Power and Voltage Regulator for Off-Grid PV-FC Combined Systems”, Karadeniz Technical University.
  14. Amir Hossein Hajisalem, (2013), “Optimization of PID Control Parameters for Wind/PV Solar Energy Systems with GA and PSO”, Karadeniz Technical University.
  15. Yahya Danayyen, (2013), “Comparative Analysis of Model Predictive Control Method with Examples”, Karadeniz Technical University.
  16. Halit Ufacık, (2013), “Constant DA Voltage Using PSO Based Active Power Filter for Grid Connect Photovoltaic Power System”, Karadeniz Technical University.
  17. Oğuzkağan Alıç, (2014), "Control of Synchronous Motor Power Coefficient with Fuzzy Logic", Karadeniz Technical University.
  18. Reza Mirzapour, (2014), "Fuzzy Logic Based Load Frequency Control in Electrical Power Systems and a Digital Distance Relay", Karadeniz Technical University.
  19. Yeşim Aysel Baysal, (2016), "Determination of Optimum Capacitor Location and Value for Power Quality in Distribution Networks", Karadeniz Technical University.
  20. Sibel Çevik, (2018), “ANN Based Load Planning for Optimum Energy Management in PV Grid Connected Systems”
  21. Ahsen Ulutaş, (2018), “Neuro Fuzzy Based Generation Planning for Optimum Energy Consumption in PV Grid Connected Systems”
  22. Büşra Özgenç, (2019), “Examination of the shading effect and reduction of power losses in grid-connected PV systems.”
  23. Jamil Dabbah (2020), “Balance control of a two-wheeled mobile robot”
  24. Jose Eduardo Urrea Cabus (2021), "Machine learning for fault detection in distributed electrical networks"

Supervised Doctoral Theses (Ongoing)
  1. Amir Hossein Hajisalem,“ Voltage Stability in Microgrids”, Karadeniz Technical University
  2. Yeşim Aysel Baysal, “Learning-based adaptive motion control of the snake robot” Continues.
  3. Sibel Çevik, “Smart estimations for optimum energy management”.
  4. Büşra Özgenç, “Grid/Load Integration of Shadow Effect Photovoltaic Systems for Energy Continuity”.
  5. Arif Emre Özdemir, “Control cyber security in smart networks”.
  6. Göktürk Öztürk, “Electrical spring applications for damping busbar voltage oscillations in micro networks”.
  7. Mohammad Baghdadi, "Smart Approaches for Busbar Voltage Stability in Distributed Power Networks", Continuing.
  8. İbrahim Arslanoğlu has not taken the qualification exam yet.
  9. Emrecan Bingöl has not yet taken the qualification exam.
  10. Zeliha Aydın has not yet taken the qualification exam.
Supervised Master's Theses (Ongoing)
  1. Aysun Baytar (In course level)
  2. Gökçe Sena Hocaoğlu (In course level)